• Screen Recording

    The screen recorder included with ShowMore lets you record video and audio on a computer within a matter of minutes. Additionally, you will also have access to a range of annotations while recording. This includes text, shapes, arrows, and more.

  • Video Hosting

    ShowMore also serves as a video hosting platform which gives you the ability to instantly upload videos to its own cloud storage for easy access and management. With its security protection, files stored in ShowMore are well protected.

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For Education and Training

Educators and students can make full use of ShowMore for e-learning video production or saving any useful educational videos for further learning. And those who wish to create training videos are included as well.

For Personal Entertainment

There are times you may desire to capture amazing gameplay achievements, save wonderful video chat moments with your family members, or record live streaming videos for back up. ShowMore makes all these tasks easy.

For Business and Work

From walk-through demonstrations of an application to customer support, ShowMore provides the easiest way to create intuitive videos, upload the videos securely, and even collaborate with your colleagues.

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