How to Add Text to A Video While Recording

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Adding effects to your video can help you to gain more viewers. However, according to some video makers, especially those with YouTube channels, putting text on a video helped them to increase their viewership and subscription numbers. This is because text can be easily recalled. This can also help you to highlight key aspects of the video, which enables you to convey your message to your viewers more easily. Furthermore, in some rare cases, some viewers just prefer not to enable sound while watching advertisements, especially if they are in public places. So, with the help of text, these viewers can easily understand what your brand or tutorial is all about. To help you put text on video, the best two tools that you can utilize are listed below.

How to Add Text to A Video


There’s nothing more convenient than having a ready-to-use tool, especially if you are rushing to record your computer’s screen for a video tutorial. ShowMore is a web-based application which can help you record your PC’s screen easily. No need for you to sign up, no annoying ads, or any requirement to install a full version of the app just to upload a video tutorial. All you need is an internet connection. This tool also boasts a floating toolbar, which can help you make annotations while recording your video. Using this tool, you can add arrows, highlights and text.


  1. Visit ShowMore and simply click the “Start Recording” button. For first time users, you’ll need to download and install the ShowMore online launcher before starting videos.
  2. Once launched, drag the recording frame to cover the area you want to record. Note that you can also record in full screen mode if you wish.
  3. Next, click the red button found in the lower part of the interface to start recording. A countdown will appear, which notifies you that the recording is about to start.
  4. You will see a floating bar when the recording has started. Here, you can insert text in video by clicking the Pencil icon, and then the “A” icon so that you can choose the font size and color that you want to use.

    adding of text-showmore

  5. For the final step, involves just simply clicking the stop button to finish the recording. A preview of the video will then appear. On the bottom right corner of the preview window, you can choose to save the video or to just share it to iCloud or other video sharing sites.

    showmore-save options

This tool can also help you record while using a web camera. Just simply click the screen icon, and then choose “Web Camera”. You can also record audio using the computer’s system sound, microphone, or both. The good thing about this online app is that you can also add text to video on Mac. Just open the default browser on your Mac and follow the same steps outlined above.

showmore-record the webcam


Another tool that you could use is the ApowerREC app. This is a professional screen recording app helps you make video demonstrations and tutorials. Its game mode function is helpful for any gamers who wish to record their screen while playing. The game mode feature automatically detects and records your PC once you have launched a game. You can also add text, arrows and make other annotations using its floating tool bar. Using this, you can easily highlight your tutorial using the text function. Below details the steps involved in adding text to a video using the ApowerREC app.

apowerrec-user interface

  1. Download and install the ApowerREC program from the official website or from the button below.


  2. You can select full screen, customized recording area or simply drag in/out the recording region to change the size of the recording area.
  3. Click the “Rec” button to start the recording. A 3-second countdown will appear before the recording begins.

    start recording-apowerrec

  4. Hit the paint brush icon, and then click the text icon represented by the letter “A” to insert text into your video. You can also choose the font color and size of your text.

    adding of text while recording-apowerrec

  5. To end the recording, simply click the stop icon.

This tool also enables you to zoom in while recording your video. This feature is especially helpful when you want to emphasize certain points in the video. Just like the first tool, you can also use the webcam during recording. When it comes to audio recording, you may choose to record from the microphone, system sound or both.


This article sums up the best tools that you can use to add text to video. You can now make a quality video for your product, video tutorials or video demonstrations. To suggest other tools, feel free to comment below.

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