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Vine is a well-known video hosting site that allows its users to share 6-second long looping videos. It was founded in 2012 by Rus Yusupov and friends and was sold to Twitter few months after. In spite of its popularity in the past years, Vine users were shocked when its owner Twitter announced that they are going to terminate Vine’s service in coming months. In this scenario, the only thing that you can do if you’re a Vine enthusiast is to save your videos from the app and start looking for apps similar to Vine. You may find numerous sites across the web but for the best ones go and check the top alternatives provided as this post continues.

Top 5 Applications like Vine


InstagramThis app is included on the top social networking platforms that we have these days. Upon using it, users are allowed to share images as well as video clips just like in Vine. If you wish, you can also share your uploaded picture and video on other social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more. So far, there are thousands of people using this app and many users are so eager to save Instagram videos from their followed celebrities/friends as a part of their memorabilia. However, direct downloading of video is still prohibited. That means we still need to wait till the owners decides to incorporate it into their platform.


MobliIn addition to Vine alternatives is this site which called Mobli. You might not be familiar with it, but this application provides image and video sharing that tend to complete its rivals Vine and Instagram. As of the moment, this site is reported to have around 22 million users and counting. The feature that makes users appreciate most about this app is its live function. A function that allows users to do a live video stream using their mobile app – Mobli.


Vine alternativeThe next alternative that we have does not need too much introduction since most mobile users definitely know this app. Snapchat is a popular multimedia application that offers image/video sharing, instant messaging and many more. Unlike other photo and video sharing tool, Snapchat only allows the receiver to view the sent Snaps in just 10 seconds and it will be deleted automatically. Although you can’t save Snapchat videos and photos, it is still an enjoyable app to use that is worth to be an alternative tool to Vine.


KeeKJust like other apps like Vine, this social networking platform provides video hosting though their app which users can upload using their camera or via Keek app installed on their mobile device. Videos that uploaded into the sites are called “keeks” and the live stream videos are referred to as “peeks”. Users are also allowed to comment in every video that has been shared either by text or through a video comment.


Hype live streamThis is a new application that is created to replace Vine according to Twitter. Hype is a live streaming application that allows users to share their live streams to their friends and into the world. This app is created by Vine’s co-founder Collin Kroll and Rus Yusupov, which makes it interesting. So far the number of users using this app continues to increase. Whether it can surpass Vine or not it is up to us to find out. And currently it’s only available on iOS platforms, but its Android version will come out soon.

Those are the finest applications that you can use as alternatives to Vine. Even though Vine has some unique features that can’t be replaced, the applications shown above can somehow mimic the primary function of Vine which is video sharing. Just choose one of the apps and you will get use to it eventually.

Tips for saving video clips on Android and iOS

If you have an Android device, the best way for you to save video clip is by means of recording. There are a lot of screen recording applications available in Google Play Store. Some are for free and some are not. Here are the top three screen recording program that you can check, Mobizen, Apowersoft Screen Recorder and AZ Screen Recorder.

While if you are an iOS user, you can rarely see a screen recording app in AppStore or iTunes, but there are some third party applications that you can use. Among them, Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder is recommended for using. All it needs is AirPlay activation from your iOS device and you are ready to go. To record video clip using Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder, here are steps to follow.

  • Make sure that your iOS device and PC are connected in the same network. Then download the app to your computer by hitting the button below.


  • Open the app and make some configuration such as display quality, video format and quality, audio input as well as the output folder.
  • After that, just enable your AirPlay from your iOS device and look for your computer’s name and tap it to activate. Once activated, a mirrored screen of your device will be shown.
  • Look for a video clip that you need to save and play it.
  • To record, click the red record button located at the upper portion of the tool.

    record video in ios

  • And to end the recording, hit the stop button and the recorded file will pop out instantly.
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