Simple Methods for Chromebook Audio Recording

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First announced in May 2011, Chromebook is a modern laptop developed by the Internet giant company Google. Different from other portable computing machines that use Microsoft or OS X operating system, the Chromebook uses the cloud-based operating system – Chrome OS. Since it runs on a special operating system with most of its application residing in the cloud, many users are having troubles running their favorite programs. One particular concern is the difficulty of finding an efficient Chromebook voice recorder. If you’re in search for a simple but workable tool that can record audio on Chromebook, just check the following content to know some reliable tools.

Perfect Ways to Record Audio on Chromebook

As we all know, audio recording programs are widely used in recording sounds, music, chat conversations and interviews. Some audio recorders are also capable of editing ID3 tag, sharing and uploading audio. Based on the different needs, here recommends three tools for you.

1. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a browser-based application that can record high quality audio that you played on PC and voice through Mic. Aside from high quality recording, it can likewise add ID3 tags and the built-in audio library provides a better way to organize files. It is fully compatible with Chrome OS and using this Chromebook audio recording tool is very easy since additional plug-ins are not required.

  1. Open audio recorder on your browser and click the “Start Recording” button.
  2. Select the appropriate audio source. For first time users, you need to download and install the launcher on your Chromebook. After which, succeeding usage won’t require this anymore.
  3. The tool will automatically launch, you can open the audio that needs to be recorded or speak with mic.
  4. When ready, click the red “Start” to begin recording.
  5. Later, hit “Stop” to finish the process and the file is then saved to the library which you can access by clicking the “Menu” icon on the lower right corner.

free chromebook audio recording

Pros: No Java or plug-in required, no limit on recording duration.

Cons: Need Internet connection to run.

2. Online Voice Recorder

The Online Voice Recorder is yet another audio recorder for Chromebook. This one also needs Internet connection to run and it can be added on your chrome browser directly via Google app. It is an easy and free app that can record sounds from your microphone. After recording, you can use it to trim the audio file and save MP3 directly.

  1. Add this app onto your Chrome browser via Google App Store or you can directly visit the website to access the application.
  2. A flash reminder will pop up, you need to click “Allow”.
  3. Speak with your microphone, click the silver round button to begin voice recording. To end the process, press the same button again.
  4. Play the recorded audio and trim the useless parts if needed.
  5. Once done, click “Save” to save the file to your Chromebook.

online chromebook recorder

Pros: Totally free, comes with simple edit function.

Cons: It can only record up to 7 minutes, you need to have flash adobe for running the app.

3. Mic Note

Different from the above mentioned applications, MicNote is more than just an ordinary Chromebook voice recorder. Aside from the ability to record audio continuously, it is moreover can be served as a notepad. It can capture high quality audio for hours and will not stop even when your Chromebook screen goes to black. There are editing functions as well such as file deletion, trimming, extracting, inserting, etc.

Here is a simple guide for utilizing this tool:

  1. Install Mic Note by downloading the application on your Chromebook.
  2. Open the program and prepare the audio that needs to be recorded.
  3. When ready, click the “Record” button on the right side of UI. While recording, you can take some notes on the notepad.
  4. Click it once more to stop and edit or save the file according to your desires.

record voice with chromebook

Pros: 2 in 1 application and it can record long hours of audio.

Cons: Free account can only record a maximum of 10 minutes each time with no editing functions.

Comparison and Conclusion

Indeed, there are many feasible tools that help to record audio on Chromebook. If you like a lightweight application with basic functions, the Online Voice Recorder is a great tool. Alternatively, you can use the Mic Note for a two-in-one audio recording and note taking application. But if you need a complete and totally free audio recording app with no restrictions, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is the best option. This app can record high quality audio, and comes with ID3 editor and built-in library. No matter you want to record computer or microphone sound, it will fully support you.

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