Top 5 Free Screen Recorders for Chromebook

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Chromebook is a laptop with a twist since it does not use Windows or Mac OS, but instead runs on a new operating system that was created by Google which is Chrome OS. However, their applications are still limited and the usual programs that we tend to use are not yet supported. So if you need to record your screen activities, then you must have a decent Chromebook screen recorder such as the top 5 programs shown below.

NameSupported languagesVideo editingVideo uploadingLimitation in Free Version
Screencastify110 minutes
HYFY160 minutes
Nimbus Capture10100MB
Awesome Screenshot630 seconds
ViewedIt160 minutes

Top Five Chromebook Screen Recorders


If you wish to record something directly on your Chromebook’s screen, then this application can help you a lot. By using Screencastify, you will be able to record your screen including your webcam, add annotations while recording, and share your recorded online video or save directly to your device’s hard drive. Its free version allows you to record a ten-minute video, for a total of 50 videos per month. However, the free version leaves a watermark on each recording. If you want to get rid of the watermark and unlock of its features, you must get the premium version.



Another Chromebook screen capture tool that you can use is HYFY Screen Video Recorder. This is a Chrome extension that does a great job in capturing Chromebook’s screen without any hassle and incompatibility. The features that this app has include a one-click recording option, as well as an easy-to-use sharing feature that allows any HYFY users to view their recorded video without installing additional applications. If you wish, you can also share your recorded online video clip on JIRA, Slack, or HipChat. A 60-minute recording limitation is fair enough to get a nice recording. Unfortunately, its trial version only lasts for 30 days and you need to purchase the pro version if you want to continue using it.

Chromebook screen recorder

Nimbus Capture

This screen recording tool works as a browser extension for most laptops including Chromebook. Nimbus Capture is capable of recording a specific area or the whole web screen, and it has a good-looking interface that attracts users. Aside from screen recording, it is also equipped with an editing function in case you want to add something into your recording such as an annotation. As for saving the recorded file, you can keep them directly on your hard drive or upload them onto the cloud storage that is provided by Nimbus.

Nimbus Capture

Other options that you have include backing up the files on Google Drive or sharing it on Slack. On the other hand, there are times when the program crashes during the actual recording, and it consumes too much time when it comes to saving the captured video.

Awesome Screenshot

Another screen recorder for Chromebook on our list is Awesome Screenshot. This is by default a screen capture application that is incorporated with a screen recording tool as well. Upon using this tool, you will be able to record any activities that are shown in your web browser, and you can save the recordings directly into your Chrome’s memory or upload them to Google Drive. It is indeed a decent program to utilize in recording screen from your Chromebook. But in spite of these features, the 30 seconds per video limitation will only allow you to record very short video clips.

Awesome Screenshot


ViewedIt is a screen, audio, and webcam recorder that fits well with Chromebook. Its online platform blends well with how Chromebooks works. Upon using this program, you’ll be given the privilege to record video for free in HD quality. It does not have any storage limitations either, so anyone can record video as many times as they want. And most of all the saved recording has no expiration, making it available to users for a longer period of time.

screen recorder extension

The one-hour recording limitation of the program allows users to cover anything that they need to capture. The only drawback of this app is that you cannot share or download your recorded clip as it only stays on ViewedIt data base.

Extra Tips for Editing Videos on Chromebook

These are the top 5 applications that you can use to record screen on Chromebook. Furthermore, if you are looking for a video editor that is compatible with your Chromebook, we suggest you try WeVideo. This is a web-extension video editor that can be used easily by just adding it to your Chrome browser. With this program, you can add text animations, transitions, and other effects. The good thing about this app is that it has a timeline for you to work on your video easily.

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