How to Make a Good Tutorial Video

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How to make a tutorial video? Hope you won’t be troubled by this question after finishing the article. We are here to tell you what to do before making the tutorial video and what can be done to make this video better. And of course, we will teach you how to make a how to video step by step!

How to Make a Good Tutorial Video

Start with A Thorough Plan

Before officially getting down to the tutorial video, you need to spend enough time thinking about what’s the theme of your tutorial and what kind of audience you intend to target. Once all the points are sorted out, you can create an outline which helps you to clear up the minds and make your teaching content more precise or distinctive.

Practice with A Script

A practicing script is especially essential for people who are not good at delivering courses. Writing a script of the speech content helps you to become more smooth in the tutorial and to express the learning points more clearly or fluently.

Choose the Right Sharing Platform

If you want to make this tutorial public online and share it to a huge audience, then, being well aware of what kind of people would be interested in your tutorial and choose the right social media platform or site category to upload your video is also very important. An obscure or wrong orientation may bring you an unpleasant outcome and people who really need your tutorial may miss the chance of seeing it.

Recording Tool

How to make an instructional video with screen recording? Well, we have plenty of options, such as OBS studio, Screencast-O-Matic, Loom, ApowerREC, ShowMore and so forth. Today, we are going to pick ApowerREC to specify the detailed steps for you since it has several features that can be of great use in your tutorials. Now, let’s go through the process below and find out how to make a good tutorial video with ApowerREC.

  1. Install the program and launch it.


  2. You can choose full screen or regional recording mode, add system sound/microphone or add webcam. When the settings are done, click “REC” to start.

    choose tutorial video region

  3. If you need to point out certain steps during the tutorial, simply click the annotation tool and select “Numbering” function to add serial numbers:

    numbering function

  4. Plus, you can select Whiteboard function to use the whole white board and enter text on it, explaining the difficult points.

    text on tutorial video

  5. To zoom in partial screen, just click the icon pointed out in the image below for zoom recording. And click the red button if your tutorial is done.

    zoom in tutorial video

  6. After that, right click the recorded tutorial video and choose “Edit”.

    edit tutorial video

  7. You will then be directed to the editing panel where you can add watermark, text, intro or outro to the video. Finally, click “Export” from bottom right corner to save this video locally.

    add-intro outro to tutorial video

Special Resource

Besides the tool recommended above, you can also take advantage of the software introduced in this guide for recording the tutorial in Chrome directly. And if you have any other needs or unique tips on how to make a good tutorial video, please do not hesitate to leave your comment down below! The more, the merrier!

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