HTC 10: A new flagship phone with Apple’s AirPlay feature

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Finally, after years of middling releases, HTC is able to come up with an interesting flagship which they call the HTC 10. This smartphone is expected to hit the market this coming May of the present year. It is boosted with a more curve edges, a higher resolution rear and front camera, a slot for storage expansion through SD card and a longer battery life. At the moment, pre-ordering is now accepted through HTC’s site with a price of $699 for a 32GB handset. For some HTC enthusiasts, below is the simple HTC 10 review about its new features, you can check them out.

HTC 10 add support for Apple AirPlay

Although some users think that there’s nothing new with this phone, then this an AirPlay function on an HTC device might gain your interest. As we all know the AirPlay is a patented feature that can only be seen on Apple devices. However, HTC manages to get a license to include this function on their latest smartphone. So this is the first time to see an AirPlay function on any Android device, which is a great. Upon using the Apple AirPlay feature, HTC 10 users can easily stream their desired songs on Apple TV and AirPlay enabled speakers. Soon this function will also support video streaming depending on the next Apple update.

Android with AirPlay

Other Features of the New HTC 10


Classic Elegant Design

The overall look of this device looks somewhat similar to its classy predecessors. The slight difference that you might notice is the shiny beveled edge around the back. The HTC name on the front is gone for a more elegant and spacious front. And the speakers are re-located at the bottom and top portion of the device. It’s a good-looking device, which users can get in Carbon Grey, Topaz Gold and Glacier Silver colors.


High Resolution Camera

Previous HTC users are not happy with their device’s camera, that is why on its 10th version HTC decides add higher resolution by putting in 12 MP back camera and a 5 MP front camera. It integrates a dual Optical Image Stabilization function which is a World’s first. It also loads and snaps images faster than the previous versions. These additions will surely satisfy anyone who loves to capture sceneries.

high resolution camera


Equipped with Latest Software

This version is running the latest Android Marshmallow, which gives it more speed that is quite noticeable as you navigate through the device. It is also built with a Quad Core 64bit Snapdragon 820 that provides more power and a faster reaction time. Plus, it has a 4GB RAM that allows you to do various activities on your smartphones without experiencing any lags.


Other interesting features

Other interesting features that this device has include a SD card slot for expanding the memory storage of up to 2 TB. A longer battery life by putting in a 3000 mAh battery, which can last for up to 2 days of normal usage with 456 hours standby time and up to 27 hours talk time. The audio is also enhanced by adding DAC (Digital to analog converter) that converts 16 bit audio to 24 bit high resolution sound.

longer battery

The HTC 10 does not have major transformation comparing to other smartphones like iPhone 6s or Samsung Edge. But this device is packed with useful features that can help users with their everyday tasks. By being the first Android with AirPlay support, this new flagship smartphone will definitely be considered as must-have phone as soon as it is released. Some users don’t like it, while others love it. In the end it’s really your personal preference that counts.

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