How to Use Apple’s Built-in Screen Recording in iOS 11

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Apple Inc. recently announced an update for their mobile operating system which is known as iOS 11. This new version is equipped with a new set of features and looks such as a new Dock that floats and handles more apps, a new Multitasking system that opens the Dock instead of the Control Center, a cooler App Switcher, Drag and Drop, Screenshot Markup and Screen Recording.

Yes, Apple finally provides screen recording in iOS 11, a function that many users are longing for many years. Maybe iOS developers already have the plan to add a screen recording function in the future that’s why they are very strict with screen recorders where it seems like it’s prohibited. Anyway, this screen recording function is a must-try feature to all iOS fanatics, and to learn more about its recording capability kindly refer to the guide below.

How to Use iOS 11 Screen Recording Feature

Screen recording in previous versions from iOS 10 below is not allowed unless you use third-party applications. But looking for a third-party screen recorder is also not that easy since Apple is giving them hard time to pass through their system. Luckily for all iOS enthusiast, the developer finally includes a built-in screen recording in iOS 11. Now you can record your iPhone/iPad screen anytime you want without installing any applications that can compromise your device’s performance.

iOS 11 screen recording

This new screen recording feature is very easy to use and it fits well with the new look of iOS 11. There’s no confusing interface, and you can launch it anytime with just few swipes. For further elaboration, see the steps to record your iOS 11 screen from below.

save recording notification

In spite being effective, this built-in iOS screen recorder does not provide any options to adjust the recording setting which is essential in some cases. If you are looking for an iOS 11 screen recording alternative then Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder must be the first on your list.

Alternative Option to Record your iPhone/iPad Screen

This screen recorder is capable of recording anything from your iOS device’s screen without affecting its performance. Just like the built-in screen recorder in iOS 11, this tool does not require any software installations on your device and there’s no jailbreak needed as well. With this tool, you can get not only screen recording function, but a screen mirroring, and screen capture function into one.

iOS 11 screen recorder

Unlike the built-in screen recorder, this app provides screen recording options which the users can adjust according to their own preference. And it supports recording phone screen with audio from internal system sound and microphone. It’s indeed a great alternative that is worth trying. To record your iOS screen with this program, here’s what you need to do.

To record screen in iOS 11 can now be done easily using the newest screen recording tool that this version has. However, you might find this recorder too simple and wish to have some pre-recording options. In this case, using an alternative like Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder can do the trick for you.

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