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Besides the usual classroom education, another way for educating people is now becoming a trend, which is called online learning or eLearning. Nowadays anyone can enhance their knowledge and skills without the need of meeting a teacher in person. By using the right online learning tools anyone can gain knowledge within the comfort of their home and at their own preferred time. This way of learning is beneficial since you can adjust your learning pace according to your will. If you haven’t tried eLearning just yet, then here are the top tools that you can use.

15 Recommended Online Learning Tools

For content creating

A. YouTube

As we all know YouTube holds a massive amount of videos inside its storage, which all can be accessed simply via going to the online website. Among them there are different types of videos uploaded on this site, where a certain portion of them are informative and instructional ones. When it comes to eLearning, YouTube is quite beneficial since it can be used in case of various online courses by just adding a video content into the discussion, thus making the class more interactive and fun.

B. ShowMore

If we speak about online teaching tools, then another application which can help you add content into a discussion is ShowMore. This is a web-based screen recording application that is capable of recording anything being displayed on your computer screen. It can record audio from system sound, microphone or both which makes it a flexible app. With the help of this application, eLearning facilitators can gather all of the necessary visual (video clips) content they need by recording it themselves. It is beneficial for both the facilitators and learners.

Record learning content

C. Microsoft Office Suite

For anybody who is related to learning, Microsoft Office Suite is highly known to everyone. The set of applications within this office suite provide the users all of the things that they need in terms of written materials, tables, graph, visual presentations, and so on. This tool is not only helpful for all of those who attend Universities but also for those who attend online courses. Why it is beneficial in eLearning? Simply because most of the written materials needed are done using this tool.

For engagement or communication

A. Nearpod

In engaging students to learn more, a tool such as this is really offering a great help. This program can turn your ordinary teaching materials into live and interactive by adding online links, video clips, and other interactive elements. Moreover, Nearpod users can also have an access to the tool’s 3D function with a use of Nearpod VR, and gadgets like Google Cardboard. This tool helps students interact and learn at the same time.


B. Remind

Remind is a classroom messaging application that aids educators, students, and parents to communicate with each other as quickly as possible. And as the name of this tool implies, its key function is to remind each user the things that need to be done. With the help of this tool, no tasks are left undone and all parties involved are kept reminded.

C. Flipgrid

This is a video platform similar to YouTube, but it is focused more on educating others. With this program, teachers load every topic that they have, and then students will comment or discuss something in return via uploading a video clip which is referred to as grid. This set-up allows a nearly perfect teacher and student interaction and makes it easier for the student to retain the information given especially if they are visual learners.


For making learning fun

A. Kahoot!

Furthermore, if you are looking for online teaching tools for teachers which can entertain and at the same time teach the users, then try Kahoot. This web-application makes learning enjoyable since it provides learning through a game in quiz form. So every user is given a chance to create their own quiz or answer the quiz made by other Kahoot users. Answering others’ quiz will help you learn new information, while creating a new quiz will give you chance to impart what you’ve learned, which is awesome.

B. Buncee

Buncee is a slideshow making application that can be utilized to create a perfect visual presentation for students. With this app, proctors can add various graphics, images, videos, texts, and many more. This is beneficial in eLearning since the right presentation can be done according to a certain topic that was given.


C. Matific

Want to teach your kids Math? Then Matific can help your kids learn Math and enjoy at the same time. This application uses common objects that we see every day and incorporate them with Math problems. In this case, the Math problems become more understandable. Children are also starting to engage themselves with technology making this application a must-have for them. It’s not boring as book and it’s entertaining as a game.

D. Go Noodle

Want to shake up your students while taking a class? Then Go Noodle can help you get kids moving. This app is loaded with different activities that can help students have a quick exercise in the middle of a long class just to shake them up. The exercise is based on the concepts of meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises.

E. Quizizz

Implied from the name itself, this app provides various quizzes that are educative and entertaining at the same time. There are two types of quizzes: one can be played inside a classroom and another can be assigned as a fun homework. It is definitely a new type of educative game that fits every kid on the block.


F. Education City

Education City is an online kid’s educational game that serves as a good resource for teachers as well. The subjects that are tackled in this educative game include English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, etc. This game is appropriate for children from age of 3 to 12, an age when playing is considered to be part of their routine. This tool will help students learn new things while having the same feel as playing.

For researching

A. SurveyMonkey

The next online education tools are researching tools such as SurveyMonkey. This is an online-based application that is capable of running a survey according to what the user needs to know. Some of the things that this page offers include data analysis, sample selection, data representation, and many more. So if you want to add a specific survey details into an eLearning discussion, then this tool is up for the job.


B. Quora

Quora is a question and answer site that is used to gain knowledge on a certain topic that someone is not familiar with. And for those who want to know the answer can post a question by creating an account. With this online tool you can gain book and knowledge based experiences in the form of questions.

C. Reddit

This is an American web-based content rating, social news aggregation, and discussion website. It has numerous contents under its database called “subreddits”. Each subreddit includes science, movies, news, gaming, etc. So if you want to learn anything in general, then this online site is the best eLearning site for you.



Those are the top online learning tools that anyone can use, you can either use it to teach or learn. All the tools are divided into 4 sections allowing you to select the right one according to your needs.

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