Easy Ways to Record WhatsApp Video Calling

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WhatsApp Video Calling

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications that are being used by many people for their personal and business use. This app allows people to send messages via text messaging or voice call. With its recent update, WhatsApp users can now enjoy its video calling function. In this event, many of its users are having thoughts or capturing their own WhatsApp video call conversation. But is it feasible to record WhatsApp video calling? The answer is yes. It might sound confusing, yet if you know the proper tools to use, then it can be done easily. So without further ado, here are some ways to capture your favorite WhatsApp video chat session as this post continues.

Recommended Ways for Recording WhatsApp on iOS

1. Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

If you want to capture your WhatsApp video call from your iOS devices, then you can rely on an application called Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder. This program is especially made for all iOS devices that include iPhone and iPad. No jailbreak is needed to record iPhone/iPad screen with this tool, for it works through the built-in AirPlay function integrated in every iOS device.

Another nice thing about this app is that it can record any activities in your device’s screen from mobile games to video call sessions. And unlike other screen recorders, this tool can capture video with audio from both parties for a better video chat experience. Here are some steps on how to record WhatsApp video call with this program.

  • Make sure that your device and PC are connected in the same network. And get and install this application by hitting the download button below.


  • Once installed, open the app and make some configurations like the display quality, video quality and format, audio input, as well as output folder.
  • Next, connect your device to the computer by activating the AirPlay function from the Control Center. A mirrored screen will be displayed as soon as the connection is established.

    enable mirroring

  • After that, navigate through your device and look for WhatsApp, open it and start your video call.
  • To record WhatsApp video chat, simply click the red record button located at the left upper portion of the program.
  • When you’re done, just hit the stop button and the recorded video will be shown inside the output folder that you selected.

Tips: If you prefer to take screenshots instead of a screen recording, then you can do it easily using this tool’s built in screen capturing function. All you need to do is to look for the perfect angle, and then click the tiny camera-like icon. The captured snaps will then be saved on the same output folder as screen recordings.

2. ApowerMirror

Another easy and viable solution for recording WhatsApp video call on iPhone/iPad is by utilizing ApowerMirror. Similar to the previous method, it requires no jailbreak or using lightning cables. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac and available for mirroring any mobile content with sound including gameplays, video chats, music and others to computer.

recording WhatsApp on iOS

To use it, simply connect your iOS device to computer via enabling “AirPlay” in Control Center, and you can instantly stream your WhatsApp video chat to desktop with audio, then make recording. You can get the program installed from below.


As you might expect, this program also works fine with Android devices. But note that to cast WhatsApp audio to computer for recording, you need to connect via the built-in Cast function or Google Home and also run ApowerMirror’s Android version in the background.

Android Apps for Capturing WhatsApp Video Chat

1. Lollipop Screen Recorder

If you are sporting an Android device, then this app can help you capture your WhatsApp video call moments. This is a free screen recording application available at Google Play Store. This app features screen recording capabilities as well as capturing picture in picture video. It also gives you an option to store your recordings directly on SD card. Plus, this tool can also do start delay recording and can capture video in full screen resolution.

Lollipop Screen Recorder

But in spite of these, there are some flaws that need to be considered upon using this application. One of which is that it can only record sound via microphone, making it impossible to record audio conversation from both parties. There are also some instances when the app causes system lags, which can be annoying as some point.

Pros: It is free and easy to use.

Cons: Can only record through the Android device’s microphone and it lags.

2. Apowersoft Android Recorder

Another easy way to record WhatsApp video call on Android devices is by using Apowersoft Android Recorder. As what its name implies, this application is designed to record any screen activities that you have on your Android device, without a need of a root access. By using this tool, you can easily record any gameplay, do an app tutorial, and capture your favorite WhatsApp video call conversation without any hassle. Plus, this tool enables users to choose the audio input and the output format that they prefer for their video recording.


Moreover, the good thing about this program is that you can use it without directly installing the app into your device, which makes you save some memory space. No cables and other attachments are also required, for it works by enabling the Cast function that is integrated in Android devices. It also has an additional screen capturing function that can be utilized in case you need to take a snapshot of a certain screen activity instead of a screen recording.

record WhatsApp video call

Pros: It supports recording video with audio from both parties, has screen mirroring and screen capture feature as well.

Cons: It needs a computer to work.

Those are the easy ways on how to record WhatsApp video call. You can compare the downsides and upsides of those applications and choose the proper one for using.

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