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Many people love watching movies at their leisure time on PC or portable devices like phone, pad and tablet. It would be embarrassing when you find there’s no enough space in your device to import movies. It’s advisable to reduce video file size rather than complaining the limited space or huge video file size. Actually, there’re many factors associated with the file size, such as format, resolution and duration. Therefore, you may consider compressing the file size on those aspects. In the following parts, you will learn some solutions that can finely reduce file size while preserving the quality.

Reducing video file size with professional program

Method 1: Convert video format

Converting video format is one of the easiest ways to compress video. Presently, many videos adopt the formats that feature high definition like AVI and MTS. Also, such types of video files usually take much space in disk space. Apart from those formats, MP4 and WMV are also popular video formats that present great quality and take relatively smaller file size.

To do the format conversion, you may consider using Video Converter Studio which is a professional converting program. It is capable of recognizing different video files and converting to other formats with no quality loose. You may check below to learn how to reduce video file size with this application.


  • Download and install the program on your PC by clicking the button above.
  • Launch the program then add the target video file.
  • Press the button of “Profile” then choose “MP4” or “WMV” as the output format.
  • Click “Convert” button to get start.


Useful trick – customize video file size

It comes with a practical tool that allows users to customize desired output file size. You can press the “Size” button on the video that you have imported, and then input exact figure for the video file in the pop-up dialogue.

reduce video

Absolutely, if you are reluctant to do the conversion, this video compressor can also help you modify other parameters for the video.

Method 2: Trim the video clips

Generally, many people would like to skip the title and trailer of the video. Besides, there’re some episodes in video that may boring or meaningless. Cutting off those unwanted sections is another method to make your video smaller. The Video Converter Studio is equipped with an advanced video editor that enables you to trim, crop the video, add subtitle and watermark.

Click “Edit” button to activate the video editor then press the button of “Add Trim Marker” under the tab of “Trim”. Choose desired sections of the video by dragging the playback bar. In the meanwhile, you can input certain time frame into the right blanks. Next, Press “OK” button to confirm the configurations then click “Convert” button to start the task.

trim video

Method 3: Change video resolutions

Another factor that may cause large video size is resolution. The higher resolution needs more pixels to present the video. Therefore, the video with high resolution usually takes too much space. It’s recommended to change other resolutions to reduce video, such as 1280*720, 640*480, 640*360 and many more. Fortunately, Video Converter Studio supports the function to change video resolution. Below are the exact operations.

Upon the built-in editor, go to the tab of “Adjust” then drop down the menu of “Aspect ratio” and choose a preferable resolution. Once you have done with configuration, press “OK” button then resume to the main interface and press “Convert” button.


Tips: You can also crop desired region on the video with the editor. This feature enables you to define personal resolution.

Online tool to compress video file size


It’s an online program that allows users to do format conversion on webpage directly. With this program, you can convert any types of video to desired formats such as MP4, WMV, MOV and so forth. Also, it provides simple editor that allows you to trim video clips. It’s quite easy to operate this program, you may check the steps below.

  • Go to the page of ClipConverter.
  • Load local video file by clicking “Select files”.
  • Drop down the menu of format and choose a desired one.
  • Press “Start Conversion” button.

You can also open the simple editor to trim video clips by clicking the edit icon if you need.



The online converter is quite easy and convenient in compressing video file though converting and trimming. However, it falls short in customizing resolution and editing video file. The Video Converter Studio is more useful and practical to reduce video file size for its comprehensive functionality.

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