Snapchat Tips: Replay Snapchat Easily on Mobile

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Snapchat is a multimedia mobile application that allows users to send and receive images and videos in a form of snaps. Many users are now hooked with this app since it allows them to use various funny camera filters that they can easily share to their friends’ offline or online. Before, all of the snaps that are sent can only be seen once and replaying a Snapchat is prohibited.

But due to increasing demands from its users, the developer decides to add a onetime replay function for anyone who wishes to do a second look. Some already know how to use this feature and some may not, so to help out those who don’t know then here’s a brief post that you can check after the jump.

How to Use Snapchat’s Replay Feature

Finally, the wait is over as Snapchat makers decide to add a replay function to all received snaps. Now users can view a photo or video for a second time without requiring any added application or trick. To replay a snap, simply long press a Snapchat message till the replay is shown into the snap. After that, tap the message once again and the file will be shown right away.

Replay feature in Snapchat

This is an awesome addition into this tool. However, this replay feature can only be used once. So be sure you’ve seen the snaps properly for there is no second or third time to do it. Plus, it could send notifications to sender for reminding the replay.

Replay Any Snaps Multiple Times without Notification

If you are not satisfied with Snapchat’s onetime replay function and the notification it sends, then the best way for you to do is to record a snap using a reliable screen recorder. Here are the ways that you can do to save snaps.

Android Solution

If you are an Android user and want to know how to replay snaps on android, then you can look for screen recording application directly on Google Play Store. And the trusted apps that you can look for include Apowersoft Screen Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder, and Mobizen.

Especially the former one, it is a free screen recording program for Android users and does not require any root access for it to work. Aside from screen recording, you can also use this app in capturing screenshots. Both of these functions are ideal in saving video and photo snaps in your device’s memory storage. In using this tool, you can either record your snaps right from its interface, or utilize its overlay icon for a more flexible use.

replaying a Snapchat

iOS Solution

For Apple enthusiast, the ways on how to replay a Snapchat on iPhone differ from Android, since Apple is quite strict with screen recording applications into their iOS devices. That is why to watch any snaps repeatedly from an iOS device it is advisable to use an app like, Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder.


Unlike other screen recording programs, this one does not require any jailbreak, so it’s risk free and safe to use. There is also no need for huge storage memory in your device, since the recording will be saved directly into the computer’s hard drive. To use this tool, simply activate the AirPlay function from your iOS device and connect it to the app. Once connected, just click the record/screenshot button and you’re ready to go.

replay a Snapchat on iPhone

Other Tips and Tricks for Snapchat

In taking snaps, make use of awesome face changing filters and lenses to put twist into your image or video. If you are not satisfied with one filter, you can use as much as three filters in one snap. And be sure that your snaps are wholesome to avoid any violation. Plus, remember to avoid sharing or distributing snaps without the consent of the people involved.

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