Smart Ways to Save Tik Tok Video Locally

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Being known as Douyin in China, Tik Tok definitely welcomes its huge success as a social media app where people can share all kinds of short videos as well as live broadcasting. With Tik Tok fans accorss various countries using this app, how to save video from Tik Tok has become a huge demand for Tik Tok users. No matter what kind of device you are using for Tik Tok, the following methods would be the perfect solutions for you.

How to Save Video from Tik Tok

“Save Video” Function
Saving Tik Tok on iOS & Android
Saving Tik Tok on PC

“Save Video” Function

Lots of people don’t know that there’s a saving function within the program. Apart from the fact that you can directly share the videos you liked to different platforms such as Message, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Stories, WhatsApp and so much more, there also has this “Save Video” function which is right under the sharing platform options. Below shows you how to save Tik Tok within…well…Tik Tok.

  1. First, launch Tik Tok and find the video you want to save locally. Then, click the sharing button at the right side menu:
  2. Next, choose “Save Video” from the second row and the video will be automatically saved to your phone’s local storage. However, it should be noted that the video will be saved with logo watermark and the user ID at the same time.

Saving Tik Tok on iOS & Android

This method aims to save the video through screen recording. And if you want to save Tik Tok video without watermark and user ID, then simply record your video draft before uploading it. And the tool we are going to use today is ApowerREC:

  • Download and install ApowerREC on your device and launch the program.  

  • Next step, click “Settings” at the bottom menu and turn on options of “Recording overlay icon” and “Screenshot overlay icon” so that we can use shortcut menu to manage our recording and take screenshot of Tik Tok video as well.
  • Then, select “Portrait” since Tik Tok screen is in a vertical direction.
  • During the Tik Tok recording, kindly use the camera-liked icon to take screenshot and click the other overlay icon to expand the recording menu. You can stop or pause the recording, hide menu or even add camera image through this expanded board:
  • When the recording is finished, you can find the recorded Tik Tok video in ApowerREC and preview it or share it directly within the app.

Saving Tik Tok on PC

Now that we have learned how to save video from Tik Tok on mobile devices, let’s check out how to save them on PC! There’s this site called Musically Down which works as a downloader for musically videos and Tik Tok videos.

  1. First, visit Musically Down. Then, copy the video link from Tik Tok and and paste it to the searching bar of your browser and run it.
  2. Then, the short version of the link will automatically be changed into a longer version at the searching bar. Simply paste this link to Musically Down’s URL blank and click “DOWNLOAD” is alright.

Isn’t it so easy to save a Tik Tok video after viewing all the three options?! Well, here’s an extra bonus for you! Check out below tips to see how to make a slide show in Tik Tok:

  • Click the plus icon to create a new Tik Tok video. Then click “Upload”:
  • Select the pictures we want → Click “Slideshow” at the top right corner → Click “Next” once you are done with all the alternations.
  • Lastly, feel free to hashtag any hot issues or @your friends and then post your video!
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