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Internet radio is a service that transmits radio shows via Internet. People nowadays tend to listen to online radio instead of the traditional way. One of the main reasons is because people spend more time on the Internet, then lots of music streaming services and radio broadcasting corporations begin to broadcast radio shows online. Now, you can listen to fresh news, songs and talk shows from online radio easily, and sometimes you may wish to record Internet radio for different reasons. For instance, you make a recording for future playback. So if you are about to miss a program, you can record it first and play it when you’re available. Aside from that, people just simply want to save their favorite music or show. No matter what is your demand, you could learn how to do this job by referring to the quick guide below.

Awesome Methods to Record Internet Radio

1. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

The best yet simplest way for recording radio online is by using Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder. This tool is both compatible with Mac and Windows operating system. It produces high quality audio file regardless if it is from the system sound card or from the microphone. To use it in radio recording, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to page of this Internet radio recorder and then click the “Start Recording” button. If you are a new user, you will be required to install a launcher to make sure that the recording will be proceeded seamlessly.
  2. In the “Audio settings” window, select the audio input as “System Sound”. Enable the launcher, and then the recorder will be activated.
  3. Play a radio station online as you like. Back to the recorder’s interface, click the “Start” button and begin to record radio.
  4. During the process, you can pause recording when hearing the advertisements. In order to end recording, simply hit the “Stop” button.
  5. Click the “Library” icon on the bottom of the interface, you can find the recorded radio and play it offline.

free radio recorder

Pros: Except recording, this tool comes with other features. It allows you to rename the files to organize them with the support of ID3 tag editor. It also has a built-in playlist which supports you to play the audio files in various modes.

Cons: It cannot be used without Internet connection.

2. Streaming Audio Recorder

Compared with the first method, Streaming Audio Recorder offers a more advanced solution to record radio online. This is a desktop software which works stable and safe. Assuming that you record a song from radio show, this tool will auto-identify the name, artist, album and other info of the song and add tags to it. Better still, you are able to record web radio with this software in three ways according to your need.


Way 1: By Recording Manually

After installing the software, it is suggested to make settings first. Click the gear-shaped menu and choose “Settings” > “Record Settings”, then set the audio source as “System Sound”. Next, click the “Record” button on the main interface. Play the radio you want to record, the software will start recording once it detects radio playing on your computer. Once done, click “Stop” button and check the recorded audio in “Library”.

radio recording

Way 2: Record Internet Radio on Schedule

If you want to record radio automatically at the specified time, you can create a schedule task to do so. Open “Tools” menu and select the “Schedule task” option. A window will show up, there you need to name the task, set the start time and duration, finally hit “OK” to activate the task. Play the radio on your computer, and you can do other things or leave the PC. When the appointed time comes, Streaming Audio Recorder will start recording right away.

record radio on schedule

Way 3: Utilize the “Radio” Function

Click “Radio” tab on the left panel of Streaming Audio Recorder. You will see different categories and radio stations, just browse them and select your loved one. Double-click the icon of the radio station to play it, at the same time, you can click the red “Record” icon on the bottom of the interface to record playing radio. To control recording progress, switch to the “Record” interface from the left panel.

record radio show

3. iRecord Music

If you want to record Internet radio on Mac, then this is the right tool for you. Highly compatible with all the Mac operating systems, iRecord Music even can record audio on Mac OS X El Capitan smoothly. It records audio in great quality and saves the file as MP3, AAC, AIFF and M4A formats. Besides, it has the “Add to iTunes” function which supports to add recorded audio to Apple devices without hassle. Check the instructions below to learn the concrete way to use it:

  1. Install the application on your computer. Actually, this tool is just like an extension. It will appear on the upper corner part of the Safari.
  2. Play the radio station that you want to record on Safari.
  3. Click the iRecord Music logo on the browser, then the red “Record” icon will be displayed. Simply click it, the tool will record radio. Later, click the same icon again to stop.
  4. Open the “Music” folder on your Mac, you will find the recorded radio files are stored there.

mac radio recorder

This software also has edit and convert functions, but you need to pay for enjoying these benefits.

Above are the practical methods for recording radio. With a reliable Internet radio recorder, you will never miss your favorite online radio shows.

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