Three Ways to Record iPhone Calls

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There are different situations when you might want to capture your calls from your iPhone. Some of these scenarios include conference calls, interviews, customer service calls, and some other calls that need to be documented. However, iPhone does not have an audio recorder that is capable of instantly recording your audio call conversations. Good thing there are some methods that can be used to record calls on iPhone and some of them are provided as we go along with this post.

Three Methods to Record a Call on iPhone

Using Voicemail

Every modern smartphone has this type of function and this includes iPhone. This function enables users to send recorded audio clips in a form of a mail. However, this function depends on the agreement which you have with your carrier. If you agreed on having this included in your plan, then you’ll be able to use it without any hassle. So the trick here is actually merging your call into your voicemail so that it would be saved and you can share it later on. Wonder how it is done? Then here’s a simple trick on how to record a call on iPhone.

record a call using voicemail

This is a good trick since you can record your phone conversation with just a few taps. However, your mobile carrier must support this voicemail or at least you have a data connection in order to make it work for you.

Using Google Voice

Another way to capture a call from your iPhone is by using Google Voice. This works just like the method above, but this one only records incoming voice calls. It is a service offered by Google so you must create an account for it. Once activated, you can easily use it anytime you prefer with just few screen taps.

record phone calls using Google Voice

To record audio calls with Google Voice simply refer to the steps below.

It is a decent method to use, but this function is currently available for those who are living in the United States only, where you need to verify your existing phone number first before you can use this service.

Using TapeACall

This one is a voice recorder for iPhone that you can get for free, although it has a paid version, as well. It works internationally so you can use it anywhere you are. There’s no limitation in recording voice calls with this application, but there are some restrictions on its free version, which are only available to pro version users. After recording an audio call, you can download them into your computer, upload them to cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive or share them to different social media sites.

record calls on iPhone

Here’s how to record iPhone calls with this program.

It works well as voice call recorder and it has a user-friendly interface which is good. On the other hand, its free version only allows you to hear the first 60 seconds of your recording and if you want more than that, you need to purchase the paid version for almost 10 dollars.

Conclusion and Comparison

These are the easiest ways on how to record phone calls. If we are going to compare the three solutions above, it is safe to say that using the built-in voicemail function is more convenient to use, since you don’t need an extra application or register your phone number. Google Voice is a good choice too, but I bet iPhone fanatics would not put this on their top list. And for TapeACall, this program is good for rather short audio recordings since it limits your listening time to 60 seconds if you’re using it for free.

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