How to Screenshot Instagram Secretly on Mobile

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As a part of its latest update, Instagram added some interesting features that include disappearing messages. This means that every story you send in Direct whether it’s an image or video will vanish after a few seconds. Not only that, now every time you take a screenshot of the disappearing message, a notification will be sent to the sender. Some thinks it’s a good gesture, however many users are still wondering how to screenshot Instagram secretly. Yes, the sender will be notified. But there are some tricks that can be done to take snapshot of any temporary IG post without notifications, just like the methods contained in this post.

Best App to Snapshot Instagram on iOS and Android

1. ApowerMirror

Since the default screenshot function for iOS device can trigger the notification which will be sent to the sender. Then the best way for you to capture a direct IG message is by utilizing an application called ApowerMirror. This is a compact application that provides screen mirroring at the same time provides screen recording and screen capturing capabilities as well. To screenshot Instagram Direct messages on iDevices with this app, you can do it by connecting it wirelessly without any lightning cable. To elaborate it further, you can refer to the guided steps below.

ApowerMirror interface

  • To start, all you need to do is to get and install the application on computer.


  • Once installed, open it and go to WiFi menu. Next, connect your iOS device into the program by enabling its AirPlay function in Control Center.
  • Upon enabling AirPlay, you will then notice a small TV like icon with your computer’s name. Just press it to establish the connection.
  • When the connection is successful, your device’s screen will be displayed through the program.
  • To capture an Instagram post, just click the built-in screen capture function which is represented by a small camera icon.
  • The capture image will then be saved under the designated folder.

Screenshot Instagram on iOS

Additionally, this program also works fine with Android devices. Users can use USB cable or WiFi for connection. Once the connection is established, you are able to take screenshots from Instagram Direct likewise and save as PNG image files to local disk by default. Unlike iOS platforms, users are required to get the following Android version installed from Google Play after they install the desktop version from above.

However, if you are an Android user and desire to directly take snapshots in secret, then you can consider using the following option.

2. Apowersoft Screenshot(Android)

Android screenshot icon

The easiest way for you to save Instagram photos secretly on Android is by using Apowersoft Screenshot. This is a free screen capture tool that can be downloaded on Google Play Store. By using this program, you can easily get Instagram screenshots by using the floating overlay icon. This app is very convenient and easy to use even for first time users. Aside from these, this tool has an integrated picture editor which is useful in modifying your captured screenshot, and it also offers a sharing function in case you need to share your image on various social media sites.

  • To screenshot Instagram without notification using this app, all you need is to download Apowersoft Screenshot from Google Play Store.

  • After that, open the app and go to settings to enable overlay icon for capturing.
  • When it is enabled, go to your device’s application and open your Instagram. Browse into it until you find the post that you want to capture.
  • To take screenshot of an IG post stealthily, simply tap the overlay icon and then tap the capture button represented by a camera icon.
  • An image preview will then be shown along with an image editor. From here you can annotate the captured image if you want, or save it directly on your device.

Screenshot Instagram without notification

Bonus: Instagram vs Snapchat

Many of us would say that Instagram somehow mimics the Snapchat’s way of notifying its users once the image that they sent are captured by someone. But if we are going to compare, we can see that Instagram only sent screenshot notifications on those images that are shared temporarily. Those that are posted or sent the usual way does not have this screenshot restriction. On the other hand, Snapchat integrates this screenshot notification in all of the snaps and stories that are shared into their data base so that no one can save Snapchat photos secretly. After all, it is just another intelligent move from Instagram to complete with its rival and stay at the top.

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