5 Best Battle Royale Games like Fortnite

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There are many video games that are becoming popular nowadays and the genre that is becoming a hit right now are battle royale games just like Fortnite Battle Royale. Many players prefer this game due to its appealing graphic designs and additional gimmicks that can be found in this game. However, there are still some users who want to try other games like Fortnite for PC. Some are not satisfied with the art style that the game has, while some players think that it’s just a ripped off copy of other battle royale games. For whatever reason that you want to switch from Fortnite into other games in the same genre, here are the top 5 alternatives that you can check.

Best Battle Royale Games like Fortnite for PC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

If you are looking for a Fortnite game substitute, then PUBG must be included in the list. This game is one of the pioneering games in a battle royale format, which is a survival type of game. Many gamers that used to play this game said that some of its content is copied by Fortnite. So, you can expect to see some similarities in some aspects of this game to that of Fortnite. So far, there are around half a million concurrent gamers that are into this game. Moreover, what makes this game stand out among the rest is its good-looking graphic designs and responsive controls which brings a real battleground feel. Due to an increasing demand, PUBG recently releases its mobile version, and now battle royale fanatics can play both on PC and smartphone.

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H1Z1: King of the kill

Another game that fits into the list of games similar to Fortnite is H1Z1 or the King of the kill. This game is also created under the influence of the battle royale kind of structure. If you prefer an intense yet lighter battle royale game, then this one might be the one that you are looking for. Since it is a lighter game, expect fewer weapons, no attachments, and all players will be dropped on a certain spot. The art style of H1Z1 is decent enough; however, the controls of this game are more identical to an arcade shooter perspective rather than the military influence that other games have. The aim is not that accurate, and it will take some time to master the angles to hit an opponent. So, if you need a light and fast-paced battle royale game, then H1Z1 is worth trying.

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Last Man Standing

If you want to play battle royale without spending a buck, then this game will suit your preference. Considered as one of the best survival games, this game is a free alternative to Fortnite that offers a fair graphic design and other in-game features. Created based on a battle royale structure, Last Man Standing lets 100 players from various locations spawn on a location and start to get rid of each other as soon as they land their feet on the ground. As the title of the game reflects, the last player left standing will be proclaimed the winner. When it comes to targeting opponents, the gunplay in LMS is not that polished, making it difficult to shoot another gamer. Another thing that is missing in this game is the availability of vehicles. But overall, it is a nice substitute to Fortnite considering you can play it anytime for free.

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Paladins: Battlegrounds

The next on our list of games like Fortnite is Paladins: Battlegrounds. If you like to play a battle royale but are bored with how your characters look, then try Paladins. In this game, characters look and dress like ancient warriors with some magical content. The weapons in this game are mixed with advanced laser guns and some weapons with some sorcery thing. And in Paladins, there are no vehicles; instead, they are replaced with horses to add in that medieval feel. The rest looks and works like other battle royale games are played.

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The Culling

The last battle royale game on our list that resembles Fortnite is The Culling. This is a first-person shooter game, where the main goal is to survive and kill all your opponents until you’re the only one left. While playing, gamers compete for points and gather all the weapons and equipment that they can use to survive the game. Unlike other battle royale games, The Culling provides a deep selection of equipment that players can collect. Plus, environmental hazards are incorporated into it, adding more thrill into one’s gameplay. Moreover, if you want your character to increase his/her combat skills, then you need to start piling up those points to help you upgrade fast. It’s a nice Fortnite alternative to have if you have extra money to spare, for this game will cost you around 50 dollars for its full version.

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Those are the top 5 battle royale games like Fortnite. All these games are based on a battle royale structure. The things that differ from each other includes the graphic appearance, the weapons used and how to aim opponents, and the availability of vehicles. Some other features are embedded with each game which you can appreciate as you play them one by one.

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