How to Record GIF and Screenshot on Galaxy S8

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Samsung just recently released a new flagship device that will surely make you want to have it. This is none other than Samsung Galaxy S8. Compare to its predecessor the S7, S8 is built with a completely different look and feel. Plus, it is equipped with a new set of functions to take screenshot on Galaxy S8 that includes swipe and scroll capture for taking screenshot. It also has an embedded GIF making feature which is making an impact to all who uses it. To provide more info about these functions, please refer to the succeeding portion of this post.

Default Way to Capture Screen and Create GIF

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S8

When it comes to taking screenshot, there is no much of a difference but instead the functions are upgraded to make them more reliable and functional as before. With the S8 the traditional key-combination is still available, but this time you should press “Volume Down” and “Power” simultaneously unlike the previous versions that requires pressing of “Home” and “Power” buttons.

screenshot Galaxy S8

And aside from the palm swipe and scroll capture, there’s an additional panel which you also take screenshot from and it’s the Smart Panel. Simply pen this panel, look for the screen capture function and you’re done.

On the other hand, there could be some users that want to capture a whole webpage from their S8 but are hesitant to do it. To avoid any hesitations and confusions, here is a simple guide that will help you take scroll capture on Galaxy S8.

How to Record GIF on S8 and S8+

Aside from the panels for app shortcuts and control panel, the Galaxy S8 now comes with a new panel called Smart Select. This would help you create GIF on Galaxy S8 without using an extra application. Since images sharing is popular on many social media pages, creating a GIF image right from your smart phone definitely makes a difference. It case you can’t see the Smart Select from your S8 function just yet, then there’s need to worry. Just rely on the steps below and you can create your own GIF image in no time.

Smart Select

In spite of these, some users think that 15 seconds is not enough. And the inability to tap the menus or use the device when you’re recording GIF is some drawbacks that we hope will be fixed in the succeeding upgrades. While waiting for this to happen, you can instead make use of an alternative application that can provide you with this function.

Optimal Way to Do Screen Capture on S8

If you are looking for a perfect replacement for S8’s built-in functions, then Apowersoft Android Recorder is an app that you can rely on. This program supports Google Cast function making it possible to stream your mobile screen and audio into any PC in real time. Thus allowing users to take screenshot, record longer video, and create GIF images of your mobile activities without time limitation. It’s rare to see all of these functions in one app that’s making it a great find.

recorder for Galaxy S8

To record screen on Samsung Galaxy S8, here are the steps.

record screen on Galaxy S8

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