Guide on How to Make Animated GIFs

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Sharing animated images is becoming more and more popular, especially on social media sites. These kinds of pictures or GIFs look like a very short video clip that is in form of a photo. Aside from sharing online, GIF images can also be used in giving directions on making a tutorial etc. But, have you tried creating your own GIF image either from your PC or mobile device? If not, then here are some ways on how to make animated GIF that you can use.

Tutorial on Making GIFs on PC

When creating a GIF image from your PC, you can consider an outstanding application called ShowMore. This is a web-based screen recorder that can record any activity from your PC and it can also be used in making animated images. Aside from recording your screen, this app also supports webcam recording which is perfect in making side comments and analysis.

GIF maker for PC

It also has a built-in annotating tool in case you need to add captions and markings while recording your screen. When it comes to making GIF images, this tool provides you with a moving picture without any complicated and confusing steps. To create a GIF from the scratch, here are some steps to follow:

save animated GIF

Also, if you would like to create a GIF from video in a more professional way, then you can utilize a program called Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. This advanced screen recorder is equipped with other useful functions like a built-in video uploader, screenshot function and a task scheduler. Also it does not require internet connection which makes it more flexible. Try this program now by hitting the download button below.


How to Create GIF on iOS and Android

iOS Way – 5SecondsApp

5SecondsAppIf you are trying to create your own GIF image through your iOS device, then 5SecondsApp could be the right app for you. This application promises to provide you with a GIF in just 5 seconds. It is also embedded with additional functions that can enhance your GIF either by adding text, annotations or stickers.

Aside from creating a new GIF on iPhone/iPad, this tool even has a massive collection of GIF images that can be shared via known social sharing sites. It is a fun application to use, however if you save a GIF into your camera roll, it will not animate, but is it still a nice app to have on your iOS device.

iPhone app to make GIFs

To create a GIF image on iOS devices with this app, you can refer to the guide below.

Android Way – GIF Maker

GIF MakerIf you wish to create GIF right from your Android device, then you can make use of an app named GIF Maker. From the name itself, this tool focuses on helping its users to create and share GIF images. It currently features an editing function which can cut and crop videos before turning it into a GIF. There are also a hundred of stickers that can be used to add amusement to your GIF.

In saving the file you can save it directly on your mobile device or upload it right away on GIMPHY or IMGUR. If you wish you can also share the file into well-known social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here’s how to use this app to make GIFs on Android.

GIF on Android

After reading this post, I hope you can create as many GIF images as you want. To manage the GIF image that you want to create, doing it on a PC would be a better choice. But if you need to create a GIF while you’re on a move, then creating a GIF animation can done conveniently through your mobile device.

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