How to Win Pokémon Go Battles in a Nutshell

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Currently, most players have started their interesting Pokémon Go careers and enjoyed wonderful Pokémon Go battles extremely. However, after players reach the level 5, there is a big challenge waiting behind them. That is the gym battle. If player wants to claim a gym captured by the opponent team, he needs to attack the guarding Pokémon there and then take over it for getting more rewards. In most cases, it can be quite difficult to win Pokémon Go battles for the guarding Pokémon are always in high level and rather strong in both damage and defense. Wonder how to beat the tough guy in the gym? Here are the greatest secret weapons which can help you out easily.

Powerful Helper App – Pokémon Go Attacker

Just like a dictionary for student, this tool can definitely serve as a great helper for Pokémon Go players. It is a light app accessible from the Play Store. After opening it on Android Smartphone, users can easily find all the detailed information of each Pokémon including type, move, skills, as well as data upon damage, defense and many other aspects of each level.

When you type in a Pokémon name, you can quickly find its weakness and the best attacker for winning Pokémon Go battles. Besides, it will also simulate the battle between the gym guarding Pokémon and your own Pokémon, calculate the every attack and give a rate for the attack. The more effective skill is in the battle, the higher score will be during rating. Based on that, you can easily come up with the Pokémon teams that are most likely to win and figure out the most effective strategy in an easy way.

pokemon attacker

No matter for a newcomer or a veteran, this is absolutely a Pokémon encyclopedia. With the help of it, player can find anything concerned about Pokémon even for rare ones. And all the data are shared by the most experienced players and can be quite reliable.

Extra Useful Tips

Tip One

Upon how to win Pokémon Go battles, there are also some tips which need your attention as well. For you to challenge a gym battle, you can take up 6 Pokémon in total. So, it is highly recommendable to bring up 6 most strongest ones with you and they are better healed and in full heath.

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Tip Two

During battles, you can tap your Pokémon and it will release a normal attack to the opponent. Usually the attack has a type difference, which means different types of attack can lead to different effect. For instance, water type edges over fire type, so the damage will be doubled but the fire type attack to the aquatic Pokémon will be decreased in half damage.

pokemon go special attack

And you can see the blue bar below the health bar. This actually stands for your rage required. Every normal attack will build up your rage and when it gets full, the whole screen will flash with yellow light. At that time, you can make a special attack then. Just tap your Pokémon, hold the screen, and ensure it perfectly attack on the target without dodge.

Tip Three

When it comes to dodging, it can be considered as another important factor to win battles in Pokémon Go. Sometimes, the battle result can make a big difference if you successfully avoid high damage from the rival. Generally speaking, this depends on two aspects. On the one hand, you should strengthen the speed of your Pokémon for the speed level can affect the success rate of dodging. On the other hand, you should dodge at a good timing. When you see your opponent release special attack to you, you need to swipe left or right so as to keep your Pokémon out of harm.

battle tip dodging

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