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Many social media fanatics are now searching for the finest ways on how to make a reaction video. Since video sharing is now popular on individuals regarding of their ages, a lot of users want to share their feelings or thoughts about a certain video clip that was uploaded online. That is why making a reaction video is now becoming a trend. Usual reaction videos varies from different genre, there are some video clips that pertains sports, entertainment, video games, etcetera. In able to create a reaction video, one must have the proper tool to avoid wasting their time and provide the best quality as possible. To create a video that contains your reaction, then here are the finest solutions of doing it on various platforms with ease. Kindly read through them as we continue with this article.

Best ways to make reaction video

Windows Solution – Using ApowerREC

If you want to know how to make reaction videos on laptop and other devices that runs Windows OS, then the best way is to adapt a tool called ApowerREC. This is a reliable screen recording application that boosts a powerful screen recording function along with other useful attributes as well. Its simple interface allows everyone to use it even green hand users. Aside from screen and audio recording, this program also provides webcam recording, which is necessary for making a reaction video. For marking or pointing something while recording, then the tool’s annotating function comes in handy.

Moreover, this program has added functions that are available for users like task scheduler, follow recording, and auto stop. Basic editing can also be done after recording a file, and it can be shared to different online media pages.

Here’s how to use this reaction video recorder to make your own video clip.

  1. Install this screen recorder after you access it from the button below.<


  2. Once installed, open the tool and go to settings and configure the quality of video and audio, floating bar and mouse appearance, hotkeys, etc.
  3. Next, open the video that you will use for the recording. You can play it online or download the video to avoid any buffering interruption.
  4. After that, you can choose the recording mode that you need for you video. For this case, you’ll need to activate the screen recording, audio, and webcam recording at the same time, making sure to check the audio source and webcam to ensure a quality recording.
  5. To start the recording, hit the “REC” icon to initiate the process instantly. Now you can start talking and reacting as you like. Adding some annotations can also be done by clicking the “Pen-like” icon.
  6. When the video that you are giving a reaction ends, just click the “Stop” icon and the recorded file will be saved under the program’s media list.

iOS Solution – Using iOS ApowerREC

This next method is for all iOS users that want to make a reaction video directly from their devices. To efficiently create a reaction video on your iPhone or iPad, then ApowerREC has an iOS version that fits your devices. Unlike other screen recorders for iOS this app does not need any system enhancement for it for work. Plus, it is capable of inserting a front camera feeds and microphone’s audio into your recording. So if you don’t have access into your computer and your iPhone is all you have at hand, then you can still create a reaction video anytime you wish to.

apowerrec-ios make reaction

To learn how to make a reaction video on iPhone, simply follow these steps.

  1. Download this mobile app from the iTunes or from the link below.

  2. After installation, open the tool and under “Control Center” add the screen recording shortcut.
  3. Next, swipe up until the “Control Center” is open and then long press the screen recording shortcut and then select “ApowerREC”. Now press “Start Broadcast” to trigger the recording.
  4. You can then play the video that you’ll use for the reaction video.
  5. To end the recording, launch the Control Center once again and press “Stop”. The recording will then be saved on the tool’s library.
  6. In able to add your reaction, open the video and from the preview tap the “Camera” icon and another panel will appear. Here you can select the placement of the camera while recording, and hit the “Record” button to start the recording.
  7. To finalize the recording, press “Stop” and your reaction video will be available in no time.

Android Solution – Using Apowersoft Screen Recorder

If you are an Android fanatic then this solution utilizing Apowersoft Screen Recorder is what you need. This screen recording application has the capabilities to record your mobile screen together with your audio. And if you want to add footage from your device’s camera then you can do it so. When it comes to its interface, this tool offers a floating icon that gives the opportunity to the users to access the screen recorder easier than ever. Furthermore, to trim some unwanted portions from your recording, just tap the “Edit” icon from the preview and drag the sliders on the portions that you wish to delete. Once finish recording, the file can be seen under the app’s media list.

reaction video- apowersoft screen recorder

Know how to make reaction videos on Android with this tool through these guided steps.

  1. Go to Google Play to install this screen recorder or hit the button below to get it.

  2. After that, launch the tool and set the bit-rate, frame rate, resolution, by going to “Settings’. You can also enable the overlay icon as well as the camera and audio recording from here.
  3. Then, open the video that you want to react with.
  4. In order to start the recording, tap the overlay icon and then tap the Camcorder to trigger the recording process.
  5. The recording will then start immediately and you can begin with your usual reaction.
  6. Once finish, tap the floating icon once again but this time press “Stop” and the recording will be saved on your device as will appear under the tool’s recording list.

Mac Solution – Using Mac ApowerREC

For users with Mac devices, you can make reaction video via ApowerREC for Mac. Unlike other screen recorder for Mac OS, this tool can do screen recording and audio recording at the same time. It also supports webcam recording which is vital in creating your own reaction video. The annotation tool is available as well if you need to put emphasis on something while you are recording. Other useful functions that this Mac screen recorder has include a screen capture, share function, and tasks scheduler. All of these functions can aid in making your tasks easier.

to make reaction video-mac

Here’s how you can make reaction video through this tool.

  1. Grab this program from the download button below.


  2. After installation, open the program and go to “Settings” to make some recording configuration and hotkeys that you like.
  3. Next, is to launch the video that you’re going to use. After that, choose “Regional” mode and the set the recording frame along the portion of the video.
  4. Now click the “REC” button to start the recording and then play the video.
  5. To add your webcam footage, click the “Webcam” icon to activate it. React into the video as normal as possible.
  6. When the video is over, just hit the “Stop” button and the recorded file will be included on the application’s media list.

Simple tips on How to Make a Reaction Video

  • Be sure to have the video clip that you’ll be using for your reaction video beforehand.
  • If you prefer to use a video online, make sure that it has no ads, and it’s 100% free of buffering.
  • As much as possible react normally without over exaggerating, or else your video will look bad.
  • Select a video that you have knowledge with. (If you like boxing a lot, then don’t react on a dancing performance, instead make a reaction video about a boxing match.)
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