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Online media players are handy, they do not require any software installation and will work shortly after your device is connected to the internet. In today’s social media prevalent landscape, many people are beginning to publish their own videos. To assess their quality, people can play their videos on web players first before finally uploading them. In the event that you need a web video player, here are some of the finest tools that you can use.

Online Media Players You Should Know


The first internet-based video player on our list is ShowMore. This is a multifunctional program that has a built-in media player. By using this tool, users can easily create a playlist for their videos, playable at any time. Additionally, a direct video link and embedded codes are available for if you wish to share videos on different social media platforms and video hosting sites. A good thing about this media player is that you can play a video while using it as a video backup storage device, especially if your hard drive is running out of space.

media player-showmore

This program also has an extra feature through its online screen record, which gives its users the ability to capture their screen. ShowMore is definitely a versatile program that is worth trying.

VLC Media Player

The next way to play an MP4 video online is by downloading an application called VLC Media Player. This tool is a cross-platform, open source media player that is available to everybody. Although it plays MP4 files, this program also supports other formats like H.264, MKV, WebM, etc. To use this program in your browser, all you need to do is go to Online VLC Media Player’s website, and then simply hit” Add to Workspace”. Once added, you can start using it as your default web media player.

media player VLC


Another online video player for PC on our list is MediaElement.js. This media player works as a plug-in that can run on various platforms,like Chrome and IE explorer. The useful functions available with this program include multiple shortcuts to access videos and audio, size controls, video looping, and a progress bar. In addition to auto-play and duration settings, this tool also offers a function to manage preloaded video and audio files. If you want a media player with one-click access and a variety of interactive features, then this is a tool that you should consider using.
ME-video player is a simple yet customizable HTML5 video player which is reliable enough for your viewing needs.’s lightweight design has made it well-known to many users, as this design provides extremely smooth video processing even with large video files. This tool supports a customizable interface, as well as screen readers, since it can handle WebVTT files. If you need to make some modifications, this tool has a wide selection of editing and processing elements that for you to use. You may have only heard about it for the first time, but it is indeed a reliable web media player that can assist you with your task.
media player of plyrio


I bet all of us know YouTube, but many users may not be aware of it being a decent online video player for both Mac and Windows. This video hosting platform has a quality media player that allows users to adjust the size, quality, and speed of their videos. Moreover, this program has another delightful function which enables their users the opportunity to activate subtitles, to enhance the understanding of what they are watching.

youtube player

The only flaw of using YouTube as media player is that you firstly need to upload the video on their platform before you can play your media files. Nevertheless, it is still a satisfactory option in terms of playing videos online.


Now, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble in play a video online again reading this discussion about the finest selection of online media players. If you have a personal online media player that frequently use, feel free to let us know by leaving it in the comment box below.

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