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PowerPoint presentations are used in school, business, government, and ordinary organizations. Many users tend to use this application since it’s an easy, yet advanced way of providing visual display for better understanding. The “Record Slide Show” on the latest version of PPT has difficulty in turning PPT slides into a video together with the narration or audio. In this case, you’d better use other applications to help you record PowerPoint presentation with audio. This article provides two ways of doing this:

How to record PowerPoint presentation with audio

Via ShowMore

To easily record PowerPoint presentation with audio and video, try using an application called ShowMore. This is an online based screen recorder that can be used to record anything on your screen.

All you need to do is to visit ShowMore and simply click the “Start Recording” button to activate the tool. If you have never used it before, you first need to install the launcher. After running the launcher, the recorder will be launched automatically. To capture both the screen and audio from your presentation, please make sure that you have chosen “System Sound and microphone” from the audio input.

record PowerPoint presentation via ShowMore

After finishing the settings, you can start capturing your PowerPoint presentations at your will. Just open the presentation that you need to record, adjust the recording region and then hit the “Record” button to immediately begin the recording process. Hit “Pause” and the green “√” to save the recorded file.

save recording video

Besides saving the recorded video to your local hard disk, if you wish, you can also share your recorded video on various social media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive and so on.

Main features of ShowMore:

  • It supports adding annotations such as arrow, line, rectangle, text, etc while recording.
  • You can preview the recorded file instantly after recording.
  • It provides you with a trimming tool for cutting any unwanted clips from the recorded file.
  • You are allowed to customize the video settings including bitrate, frame rate, codec and mode.
  • You can choose to customize the mouse styles and include them in your recorded video.

Via ApowerREC

If you are not a fan of web-based applications, then the best way for you to record PowerPoint presentation with audio and video is by using ApowerREC. It is a powerful yet easy-to-use screen recorder that can record any activities displaying on your computer. It is packed with other useful functions including screenshot, task scheduler, uploading and sharing.

ApowerREC features

Plus, this tool also has a “Follow Recording” function that focuses its recording on the specific application you selected. In this case, this function fits well with the task of capturing a PPT presentation.


To access this function, just hit the “Task” menu located at the upper left portion of the tool and then choose “Follow Recording”. Now you’ll see another window, check “Enable Follow Recording”, hit the drop-down menu from “Follow the application” and select PowerPoint. If you wish, you can also modify the recording area, audio input, and the webcam feeds that you prefer.

Follow recording PowerPoint presentation

To start following the program, click “OK” and it will record right away. To end the recording, just close PowerPoint and the recorder will automatically stop recording as well. Your recorded file will then be included in the tool’s recording list.

Key features of ApowerREC:

  1. It has a very pure interface which makes it very flexible to use.
  2. It comes with many professional screen recording features such as task scheduler, follow recording, etc.
  3. It offers you various recording modes: full screen, fixed region, around mouse and custom.
  4. You can set your own hotkeys for starting, stopping or pausing recording.
  5. You can use it to record screen activity on your computer along with webcam or not.


These are the easiest ways to do PowerPoint voice recording and screen capturing at the same time. They each has their own flaws and advantages. Both of them are workable and reliable screen recorders. ShowMore is a web-based tool so you can’t use it without internet access while ApowerREC is a stable desktop program which you can use anytime you want. When it comes to recording functions, ApowerREC has the edge. On the other hand, ShowMore comes in handy, since it’s a very light screen recorder that you can open on any computer. To choose which one suits your needs, it is better to check them both and see which one you need the most.

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