How to Display iPhone 6/6s on Computer Wirelessly

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Many people want to display iPhone screen on PC, some for projecting their screen activities on a larger screen, while others for sharing their iPhone screen with friends easily, just like in playing games. Displaying your iPhone screen sounds complicated, but with the help of the proper tools, this task can be done easily without any hassle. However, if you are having hard time looking for the right way, then you can refer to the efficient ways shown as this post continues.

Best Way to Display iPhone Screen on Computer

To display your iPhone 6/6s screen on computer, the finest way to do it is by using a tool called Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder. This program works via AirPlay so there’s no need for any jailbreaks, which can brick your device. Aside from its mirroring function, this app also has a screen recording function that is capable of recording any activities that you made on your iPhone. Plus, this app even has a screen capture function that can be used in case you need a screenshot instead of a video recording. With this app, anyone can easily display their iPhone screen on PC.

mirroring tool

In using this way there are basically two parts. The first one is the preparation, and the second one is the actual display of iPhone screen into the computer screen. Please refer to the steps below to understand more.


  • Get and install this app to your computer by hitting the button located below.


  • Once installed, open the app. For first time users a “Windows Security Alert” may appear, just click “Allow Access” to enable the tool from operating.
  • Make sure that your computer and iPhone are connected in the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Your iPhone must have support for AirPlay function.

Actual display

  • To display iPhone on computer swipe up on your iPhone and tap “AirPlay”. Another window will appear, now tap the screen icon with your computer’s name, and then enable the “Mirroring” function.
  • As soon as it was connected, your iPhone’s screen will be projected on your PC instantly.
  • Open the app that you want to display and enjoy.

display iPhone 6s screen on computer

Tips: In case you need to record your screen, all you need to do is to click the “Start Recording” button on the tool’s interface and the recording process will start immediately. While in taking screenshot just go to the portion that you want to capture and then click the “Screenshot” function represented by a camera icon. The recorded file as well as the screenshot will then be saved on the output folder that you selected.

record iPhone game

Other Feasible Way to Display iPhone on Computer

Another way is by using Mirroring360. From the name itself, this app is a screen mirroring tool that allows iPhone users to show their device’s content on a larger screen such as computer. This program provides vivid mirroring of iPhone screen via AirPlay, which enables users to share pictures and audios with family and friends, showcase their gameplay achievements and many more.

Here are the steps on how to display iPhone on PC using this app.

  • Download the free trial from its mainpage.
  • Connect your device to the tool by enabling AirPlay function. Simply swipe up, tap “AirPlay”, and pick the name of the computer or device that you want to share your screen with.
  • Open the application that you want to project.
  • Disable AirPlay to disconnect your device.


In spite of these, Mirroring360 does not have any other functions aside from mirroring, so if you need to record something on your screen, getting an additional tool is needed.

Bottom Line

Those are the easy ways to project iPhone 6/6s screen on PC. Both ways works well in displaying the device screen on computer. However, the iPhone/iPad Recorder has a screen recording function and screen capture tool in one, so users can easily take advantage of this functions without a need to install an extra tool.

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