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These days, when we want to create a footage of our screen activities on Mac, we often rely on screen recording programs that are accessible or downloadable over the internet. Searching for a display recording tool isn’t difficult. But, finding a decent one might be a tough job since most of them are proven to be hoax or will require you some dollars. Luckily, we are able to gather some of the best free Mac screen recording software which you can confidently rely on. So without further ado, scroll down below and check them out as we continue with this post.

5 Best Mac Screen Recorder


free Mac screen recorder

If you are looking for a convenient and easy to use screen recorder, then ShowMore might be the one for you. This program is an online solution which is capable of capturing what is actually happening on your screen in real time. It also supports webcam recording in case you want to record your own face. Furthermore, while recording, you are allowed to emphasize something through text, lines, highlights, and arrows using its built-in annotating tool. Upon saving your output, you will be given options to save it on your computer or upload it on the free cloud storage provided by the program. To use this free screen recorder for Mac, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open your browser and visit the official page of ShowMore.
  • Afterwards, click “Start Recording” to launch the app, then a recording box with toolbar below it will pop up. For first time users, you need to activate the built-in launcher to launch the app normally.
  • Now, adjust the recording frame according to your preference. Then, hit the “Record” button to initiate the recording process.

    showmore record frame

  • To end the recording, simply click the “Stop” icon then your recorder file will automatically pop-up. From here, you can trim your video as you like, or save it by clicking the “Save” icon.


obs interface

Another Mac display recorder is OBS. This is a professional screen recorder that will let you create dynamic videos. Aside from that, with the use of it, you can insert scenes on your video as much as you like. OBS is also equipped with advanced features like Chroma Keying, masking and color correction, and audio mixer that has the ability to filter extra sound noise. The program also supports streaming websites including Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

QuickTime Player

quicktime record

When talking about free screen recording software for Mac, QuickTime Player is a big-time favorite among Apple users. QuickTime is a default video player exclusively on Mac devices. It has the ability to play various media files since it supports a wide range of diverse media formats. Aside from that, it can also be used to capture your screen activity without lag. Plus, you can also enjoy recording with audio coming from your system, mic and webcam respectively or at the same time.


free screen recording software for Mac

Next on the list is Jing. This app is an exceptional screen recording tool which can assist in capturing your screen in high quality. It is designed with a small but multi-functional sun overlay icon that is capable of recording your desktop screen and taking screenshots. Plus, it also includes some nifty features like customizable hotkeys. Moreover, unlike other screen recorders, this free video capture software for Mac doesn’t add any unsightly watermarks on your rendered video. However, you won’t be able to enjoy recording with audio and you can only capture your activity up to 5 minutes.


monosnap record

Last but not the least is Monosnap. It is a free and impressive video capturing tool for Mac. When creating a recording with it, you will be given choices to capture in full screen, region mode or an assigned window. Like ShowMore, it also provides a free cloud storage space that you can avail upon registering an account. Moreover, its interface design is really simple and easy to familiarize.


The tools mentioned above are the best free screen recorders for Mac that you can use. Overall, all of them can be used when you want to create videos like tutorials, video demo or app reviews. You can choose from this list which program will fit your preferences. However, ShowMore is the highly recommended one as it can be used to create high-quality recordings without time limits.

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