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Clash Royale has been quite popular among game users since it was published by Supercell. With the same characters in Clash of Clans but totally different playing style from its former opus, Clash Royale is a mobile card game in which players can combine their cards group flexibly according to their own strategies. Meanwhile, many players would like to save those highlights of battles and share the game tricks with their fellows by using a game recorder for Clash Royale.

However, many players just reflect that the tools they find cannot perform smoothly while recording games and video will have troublesome lags as well. Hence, to avoid the situation above, here I will recommend you several trustable recording programs which you can make use of steadily.

I. Superior Methods for iOS Devices

II. Handy Apps for Android Users

Advanced Ways to Record Clash Royale

1. Best solution – Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder is one desktop application which you can make use of for recording mobile game on iPhone/iPad. With this tool, you are capable of streaming your game scenery to the PC screen and enjoy better visual experience while playing. Game sound effect as well as your voice from microphone can be captured along with video. Moreover, you don’t need a USB cable for connection between iPhone/iPad and computer for they two can get connected by the same Wi-Fi environment. To know how to record Clash Royale easily, just follow the guidance below.

  • First, install it on your computer by clicking the button below. Once done, launch the program on your desktop.


  • Open “Options” menu and configure some necessary settings such as video quality, audio input as well as output format.
  • Set your iPhone/iPad connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer does.
  • Swipe from the bottom of your iPhone/iPad and press the “AirPlay” tab. When you see a TV-like item with your PC name, just press it and switch the “Mirror” toggle from off to on.
  • After that, you iPhone/iPad screen will be displayed on PC monitor instantly. At that time, just launch the game Clash Royale. When you want to record video, simply click on the red recording button and you can get started.
  • To finish recording Clash Royale, you can just click the stop button and video will be saved automatically in the selected folder.

record clash royale

Video is saved as MP4 format by default and you can choose to get other formats before recording according to your own need. Besides recording function, it also covers a feature of taking screenshots. By using the program, users can capture HD videos and pictures as many as they want.

2. Usable Game Recording App for iOS – Shou

Another application that you can utilize to record Clash Royale is Shou. This is a third party recording app offered by Emu4iOS Store. Before using it, the first thing to do is that you have to install Emu4iOS Store and then download Shou on your iPhone or iPad. After that, you need to give a valid email to activate the app. With all those steps done, you can go playing Clash Royale and recording those interesting battles as you prefer. During recording process, it enables you to adjust frame rate and select output format. Moreover, you are able to upload your game progress to, one mobile game streaming community.

shou tv recorder

However, one thing you need to know is that this app can be accessible only after you jailbreak your iOS devices.

Handy Apps for Android Users

1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

As a matter of fact, quite a lot of Android users would like to record game video with the help of a screen recorder. And Apowersoft also releases a free screen recording app running for Android platform.

If you are Android user, just go to GooglePlay and you can find Apowersoft Screen Recorder. Currently, it is compatible with Android 5.0 and higher versions. It can not only help you in recording Clash Royale videos but also taking pictures of game playing. What’s more, it also supports recording camera so that you can even record yourself while playing. Video comes out without any lag and you can use it safely.

recording clash royale

2. Mobizen

Mobizen is also a workable screen recording app for Android users. Many users would like to make use of it for recording mobile games like Clash Royale. It can capture a game video with the sound effect synchronously. Different resolution and frame rate can be optional. All the features are great but there will be a watermark showing at the bottom of video recorded. By the way, it now supports Android 4.0 and its later versions.

how to record clash royale


With all the methods aforementioned, how to record Clash Royale shall not be a question anymore. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. User may choose one recording tool which suits him best. Personally speaking, Apowersoft recorder shall be a better choice both for iOS and Android users because of its safety and satisfying performance.

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  • Thx for the info, only 2 bad you have to buy to record longer than 3 mins :(
    • Hi, Koen! If you want to get all features of Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder, you need to get a full version with payment exactly. Or you can utilize its online version for free and it doesn't have limits for duration.
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