How to Record Minecraft Pocket Edition on Different Platforms

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Minecraft is a famous PC game that is loved by gamers regardless of their age. This game allows users to create their own structures, buildings, castles, by aligning and pilling up blocks. With the increasing demand for a lighter version of the game, its creator later brings up Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition), which users can carry around wherever they go. Moreover, lots of users are searching for a way for them to record Minecraft Pocket Edition, which can help them share their gameplays with friends online or offline.

Recording Minecraft PE gameplay mostly depends on the device’s OS that the users had, so you need to know the proper way that fits your device to avoid any hassle. To help you out, various applications are listed as below.

Recommendable MCPE Recorders for iOS

1. Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

If you own an iOS device, the easiest way to capture gameplay without any jailbreak is by using Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder. This tool is able to display iOS screen to PC as well as offer you a bigger screen to enjoy. It is also built with a recording function that can capture your screen including gameplays with just one click. Plus, it has an extra screen capture function that is useful if you prefer screen snaps instead of a video clip.


To record Minecraft PE with this tool, you must install it on your desktop first. After that, configure some settings such as the video quality, format, and output folder. Now connect your iOS device to the program by activating the AirPlay function. Once connected, a mirrored image of your screen will be synced on desktop instantly. You can now open your Minecraft PE and play as you wish. To start the recording process, simply click the start recording button, and end the recording by pressing on the stop recording button. When you finish, your file will pop up soon.

Minecraft Pocket Edition recorder

Drawback: The file will be saved in the desktop folder but not in iPhone/iPad. It is not a major concern to deal with since your primary goal is to record your device screen.

2. iRec 2.0

irec recorder appAnother way to record your iPhone/iPad screen is by using iRec. This is a feasible screen recorder that can capture your screen activities including Minecraft PE gameplay. But the steps are a little complicated to finish ans users need to get a computer first. To install this tool, they must go to its official site and follow its guidance, download an IPA file and install some third party apps like Cydia Impactor. Many users consider it to be risky, but it is still worth trying.

Drawback: During the recording, there’s a red recording bar showing on the top and it can’t be removed. And its complex preparation can take users too much time to make.

Excellent Apps to Record MCPE on Android

1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

record Minecraft Pocket EditionIf you are an Android user, then you will need a Minecraft PE recorder that fits your device such as Apowersoft Screen Recorder. This is a free application which you can get from Google Play Store. This tool records anything that you open from your Android device such as video calls, movies, gameplays, and many more. After recording, you can directly share your video clips to any apps installed on your Android phone. In case you need to take gameplay snaps, this tool also has a screen capture function which you can use from the tool’s overlay icon.

Drawback: It only supports Android 5.0 and higher versions. It only affects those who have old Android phones that do not have any updates. But most of Android devices these days run on a higher firmware so this would not be a big issue.

2. AZ Screen Recorder

az recorder for mcpeNext on our list of Android screen recorder is AZ Screen Recorder. This is another reliable screen recording application that enables users to capture any movements from their device’s screen. It also does not need any system access for it to work. The features that you can get from this app include an overlay front camera, a magic button for flexible recording, and a draw function.

Drawback: Camera recording requires payment which they need to tell their users beforehand. It supports Android 5.0 and higher versions, so you need to update your Android OS if you have a lower version.


Those are the ways on how to record Minecraft PE on various platforms. You can find other applications online that claim to provide the same recording function but be aware of that some applications can be full of pesky advertisements and are too risky to use.

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