Easily Record WeChat Video Call on iOS and Android

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WeChat is a text and voice messaging application originated from China. This tool is for free as long as you can provide a mobile number for authentication. Other interesting feature of this app is its video call function. When enjoy great fun brought by this feature, users may often need to record video call on WeChat, then serves as a reference or simple memory which they can view later on. However, recording WeChat can be challenging for Android and iOS users. In this case, looking for a best way is a must. And to help you out, some efficient ways to record video chat on WeChat will be provided as this post continues.

Top Way Capture WeChat Call on Smartphones

Recommend Solution for Recording on iOS

If you are an iOS enthusiast, then you will probably have iPhone or iPad to conduct your WeChat video call. But as we all know, Apple is quite strict when it comes to screen recording tools. Good thing is that there’s an application which you can use without risking your devices with unstable hacks. The program that I am referring to is none other than Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder.

WeChat video recorder

This application is capable of displaying your device’s screen activity on a computer and recording it simultaneously. Now anyone can record their WeChat conversation easily without any hassle. And if you want to share snaps of your video chat session, you can utilize its screen capture function. Below are steps on how to record WeChat video call with this app.



  • Get and install this program by hitting the button below.


  • Once installed, go to options and make some necessary configuration like, display quality, format, output folder, etc.
  • Be sure that your device is connected to the same network as your PC.
  • Connect your device to computer via “AirPlay” function, in this way, you can easily display iPhone screen on PC.

    connect AirPlay


Recording stage:

  • After your device’s screen is mirrored, open your WeChat and start to make a call.
  • When the conversation starts, simply click the record button upon the projected screen on PC to begin recording.
  • To end it, hit the stop button and the containing folder will pop up instantly.

    record WeChat video call on iOS

If you desire to take screenshot of your WeChat video chat, all you need to do is to hit the camera-like icon. After that, the snapshot can be saved to the output folder as PNG file.

Best Way to Record Video Call on Android

android recorderFor Android users, the best WeChat video call recorder that you can use is called Apowersoft Android Recorder. Unlike other screen recording apps for Android which can only record system sound, this application can easily capture sound from both parties (you and your friends). And it does not require any root access for it to work, which is much safer and convenient to use.

With this tool, anyone can capture their WeChat video call without any hassle. Plus, this tool also supports taking screenshots, you can utilize it based on your needs. Here are the steps in recording with this app.

  • Access the program by downloading and installing from below.


  • Once installed, you can make some needed configuration by going to options and set the output folder, directory, audio input, etc.
  • Open the notification shade in your Android device, then press “Cast” and connect to your computer.cast WeChat to PC
  • Now open your WeChat and begin the video call, to record simply click the record icon which locates on the projected screen.
  • To end the recording, just hit the stop button. The recording will then be saved to the output folder.

    WeChat video call recorder for Android

Other Feasible Ways to Use

1. Shou (iOS)

ShouIf you wish to capture your WeChat video call directly on your iOS device, then you might consider using this app. This is a decent screen recorder which is capable of recording any screen activities. However, this app is not available on iTunes or App Store. To get the app, you must go to Emu4iOS Store and install it. Once it’s installed, you need to use your Facebook account to sign up instantly.

2. Mobizen

MobizenThis is a well-known screen recorder for Android that is available on Google Play for free. Some of its interesting features include front camera recording, flexible recording settings, and a basic video editor. The upside about this tool is that it doesn’t need any root access, just install it to your device and you can use it right away. However, one downside is that it cannot record sound from both system and microphone simultaneously, since microphone is already occupied by WeChat.

Those are the simple applications that you can use to record WeChat video call. Now anyone can capture their favorite WeChat video conversation whenever they want. Just be sure to respect privacy at all times and ask permission to the one that you are conversing with.

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