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Most business runners are familiar with WebEx, for it enables them to make online meeting and web conferencing with great convenience. With this web-based platform, they could communicate with their business partners in time when facing problems. Thus it reduces much cost produced by time and space. And most companies would record WebEx meeting for better review to see if there is anything missed in the meeting.

Though WebEx’s built-in recorder could do this job, it takes time to adjust the recording process. And users may encounter problems if the setting is not default, which would be a negative impact on recording. Therefore, using screen recorders with easy operations to capture WebEx meeting would be an agreeable solution for them.

Three Easy Ways to Record WebEx Session

I. Using ShowMore

This online WebEx recorder is free and easy to use without any limited time on recording. The recording modes offered by it are diversified catering to different meeting use. Webcam can be used at the same time if users want to record themselves. Also you can customize the recording area and tweak settings before recording starts. Captions and graphics could be drawn while recording. Moreover, it supports eight video output formats for users. Follow the steps below to use it easily.

record webex session

  • One click to “Start Recording” on the homepage and the interface will pop up.
  • You will see a toolbar with options for you to customize settings and preferences.
  • When the WebEx meeting starts, hit the start button and make the recording.
  • Once the meeting is over, hit the pause button and click the green tick to finish recording.
  • Save the recording as different video format on local drive.


If you hope to get more advanced experience as you want to put the recording in advance just in case time to record WebEx meeting is missed. A PC-based version would be a good choice. It is installed with “Task Scheduler” which allows meeting attenders to record their screen within a due time. Users could set when the recording starts and ends according to the length of their meeting.


II. Capture WebEx meeting with Screencast-O-Matic

This is another free online screen recorder which is simple to use. It shares basic functions with ShowMore. Users could adjust the recording region and record both screen and webcam or either. The recording could be saved on local drive or shared to social network directly. Recording WebEx meeting with Screencast-O-Matic is easy to follow.


  • Click the “Start Recording” and the recorder will appear.
  • Select the size of recording area or just drag and stretch the frame to the area you want to record.
  • Since WebEx meeting goes, press the button “Rec” to record. Also you can drag the recording region at your will while recording.
  • Click “Done” to save what you recorded just now.

Though it produces much convenience to operate, the free version only offers at most 15 minutes to record. And it cannot capture system sound and microphone simultaneously until you pay to upgrade.

III. Applying Jing

Jing is a desktop-based screen recorder developed by TechSmith. This free software impresses users most with its well-designed interface floating on the screen of PC. It is clear to operate and record screen immediately. Users could stretch the recording area to the size they need. It can be also used to capture image. Try steps as follows to launch Jing.

  • Download a right version for your PC (You need to register for the first time use).
  • Click “Capture” and select the screen you want to record.
  • Hit “Capture video” and starts to record WebEx session.
  • Press the finish button and save the video on appointed drive or view it on “History”.


Even though Jing performs well in recording, it merely offers 5 minutes recording time for users to experience. And audio could be recorded through nothing but microphone while SWF is the only video output format.


How to record WebEx meeting in free and easy ways means important for WebEx users. These recorders bear same basic functions but with different traits. With good quality of recording and unlimited recording time, ShowMore would provide a better experience for WebEx users. And they could also choose the one which suits them best in light of the meeting they attend.

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